i have an oo gp1200r that i have done the top-end rebuild on the cylinders while doing this i had the cylinders cleaned up and checked out as well as the cylinder head and cover . i installed new rings and installed all new gaskets from the cylinder base up. i have modified the carbs with larger jets and needle valves and am running f/a with water socks i have rebuilt the carbs twice and also did the restrictor mod and drilled return. i recently did a pressure test on the motor and could not get the engine to hold the 10lbs of pressure as indicated in the thread post however the engine when i applied the 10lbs of air to the engine it would bleed down to 5lbs and hold this pressure and slowly bleed down to 4lbs of air after 6mins. after doing while doing the test i sprayed all of the gasket surfaces i could get to with a soapy water solution and could not see any visible leaks other than at the #1 spark plug , but i think i have got that taken care of. ever since doing all of this the #3 cylinder seems to be running lean because when i pull the plugs to inspect them i can tell the #1 and the #2 plugs have the brownish color to them but the #3 plug still looks white in color even running slow or fast makes no difference. the engine seems to have plenty of power and does not hesitate when accelerating. i am at a loss as to what to try next because i have tried to adjust that carb and no matter what i do makes no difference. i need some advice i dont want to have all this work go to waste. i know something is wrong with the engine i just don't know what.