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    2006 RXT

    I have a quick question about my 06 RXT.......

    It currently has 29 hours on it, it brand new to me and has had the S/C ceramic rebuild. I got a call from the wife last night who is at the lake informing me that, when cruising at approx 4000 rpm, it seems to be cavitating slightly. (based on her description of what it is doing) She went on to say that after you accelerate it completely goes away, and does not do it under the 4000 mark. It just seems to do it when cruising around that specific RPM. Anyone else experience this???

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    sounds like the wear ring is groved from sucking somthing into the pump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSXRGRIZZ View Post
    I have a quick question about my 06 brand new to me and has had the S/C ceramic rebuild.... has brand new ceramics or it has a brand new upgraded sc rebuild?

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    Hmmm, I have two stock (except SC rebuilds when required) 2006 RXTs. I don't think the SC boost kicks in until around 5000 to 5300 RPM. As stated above, it could be a wear ring issue as well as a dinged prop.

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