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    Rebuilding the pumps on my xr1800! A few questions...

    Does anyone have any insight as to what pitch I should choose for my xr1800 project (twin 1800cc Yamaha sho engines) when I rebuild the jet pumps? The previous owner said it had a lot of cavitation at more than half throttle with the stock blades. Also, this is my first jet boat, so I've never rebuilt one before... Is it just the blade that gets replaced, or should I be replacing the blades, shaft and the sleeve the blades rotate in as well?

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    You can replace the impellers and keep the housings, or you can replace the housings with aftermarket housings that have replaceable wear rings.

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    I would think at least 14-20 props. Might call Carl at Island Racing. He aso owns a XR and would have a better idea. He has the plastic jet pump liners too.

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