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    Looking to buy 04 rxp

    Looking at 04 rxp with 60 hrs on it. Everything looks good. Anything to really look at on it? Is it worth 5900? Regular maintanece done every year. Thanks John

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    Well price really depends on where you're from. I recently purchased a 05 with 7hrs on the clock for 5900 with trailer but I'm in the PCNW and skis seem to be more expensive up here for some reason! As for things to look for you should make sure that the ceramic washers have been replaced in the Supercharger. Some other things to keep in mind are the exhaust valves have been know to corrode and fail as well as the flywheels bolts have sheered off on occasion. I own a 2004 with 120hrs on it and have had none of those problems so you just never know!

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