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    Decision on 2012 Ultra 300x owners input appreciated

    Looking at pulling the trigger on either a Ultra 300x or FXSHO. Like the ponies, storage, and seat arrangement better on Ultra (I'm 6'5") but have some concern about reliability. Welcome input from current owners. Read much of forum and it seems there are some issues. I know the Yammies are almost bullet proof but I really like the Ultra better.

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    there is more than enough info in this forum to give you the answers you need without starting another thread on the same questions. btw the yammies are about as bullet proof as the 300x, i put my money on the 300

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    Reliability wise there the same. 107 hrs on mine so far very minor issues. If you like the 300 get it you won't be disappointed.

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    Welcome to the forum. I was wondering what issues you are talking about with the Ultra? Go to dealerships and ask to see their warranty claims on the 300 then make your decision on the issues. Improperly modding your ski will cause a problem but that is on any ski. The 300 has only been out one year and the guys with the most hours are the racers such as myself. I should be the first to have issues. I have had none. I would also like to know where you found that the yamaha's are bulletproof. Go to a dealership and ask about the warranty claims on those skis. The NA skis are one thing but trust me I have worked on more Yamahas than Sea Doos when it comes to the SC skis and Kawi the least. Your biggest mistake is coming onto a forum to ask this question. I can tell you are already biased saying tha 300 has issues and the yamaha product is bulletproof. You must have spoken to the guys in the Yamaha section. you question reliability look at what ski is dominating the endurance racing scene all over the world. Don't you think that in this form of racing you would want the most reliable craft on the market. Ask how many Yamaha guys who say their ski is bulletproof to go out on a rough lake and run WOT for 300 miles like we do on the 300. Look back at the results between the two brands. Also look at the results from the So Cal offshore endurance races. You can't abuse a ski much more than endurance races such as these and see how the 300's survived. That was why the Mark Hahn was mostly 300s. Go ask the guys on your lake how they like their ski and is they have had any problems. There you will get the real answers. As a racer I want the best craft both in speed and reliability. I am not a big sponsored rider so I can not tear into my ski after every race. I can buy any ski I want and one of my closest friends is Mr. Yamaha so I could be hooked up with all the toys but I am still on the 300. He knows this craft well enough that he does not even try to get me to switch. The other thing you have to look at with your size is step on the back deck of a Yamaha and watch how much it flexes. Do it on a 300 and feel how solid. In fact go aroung the ski and hit it then tell me which you will feel safer on. True we can not have all the hours on the 300 that some have on the Yamaha since it has only been out for a year but give us time. I will keep this from turning into a pissing match like all the other threads and close it and if that causes you to go buy a Yamaha it sounds like you have already drank the cool aid and are listening to the problems with this ski from people that do not have one, have not ridden one, and just plain hate the Kawi. Funny how all of a sudden Kawi is hated by the Yamaha faithful. Could it be because they realize how good of a ski this is. I would say that my 100+ race hour ski that it held WOT for hours at a time both in training and the races is reliable and bulletproof. You can not convince me in any way that the 300 has issues worth keeping a person from buying one.

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