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    97 sl780 mfd lr23 problems

    Hi all, sorry if im posting in wrong section, im new,i have just purchased a 97 sl780, the mfd was not working when i bought it, but got a good deal, so wasnt to worried,it needed a new battery, so fitted it, and it fired straight up, problem is, the bilge is running constantly at a slow speed with engine off, also trim works with engine off, which points to a lr23 problem, BUT, if i disconect the mfd, the bildge stops, and the trim only works if i hold down the bilge button, as it should, and ski stillstarts fine, i am new to jetskis, and im starting to pull my hair out! Lol, any ideas? Thanks!

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    Disconnect the bilge pump and see what happens. I've been seeing issues with the bilges shorting out internally lately. It then backfeeds the voltage.

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