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    polaris sl 650

    I have a Polaris 95 SL 650. It will ride good for about 5 minutes. Then it will shut down like it is starved for fuel. Carbs are rebuilt,b justn replaced fuel lines.Even bipassed fuel shut off. Just wondering what I can do next.

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    When this happens again, lightly open gas cap then close it see if problem goes away, if it does then check/replace your gas tank vent valve.

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    just to make sure, you replaced the fuel pump as well correct? and x2 on the check valve, sounds exactly whats goin on. Also, just run a straight line from the tank to the pump, and from the pump to the carbs. Is it is the check valve just get a 2 dollar one from oreillys in the help section, dont get the factory one. ive also had a bent inlet on a fuel filter cause the same symptoms

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