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    Did waveeater clips cannot torque powervalve cover bolts

    So I put the waveeater clips in this past weekend and my torque wrench could not fit some of the bolts on the middle and rear powervalve covers due to things in the way (no clearance not even for a small socket wrench). So I torqued what I could and just tightened the other ones to what I thought felt like the torque amount. I may have overtightened though. The question is if this will be okay or how can those bolts be torqued? Just asking since I do not want any of them shearing off because they are too tight or have a gap in the cover if too lose.



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    I know very few people that actually used a torque wrench on those cover bolts. You will be fine. ride more worry less.

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    Yep, I got mine "that's about right" snug and they've been fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insanediego Joe View Post
    ride more worry less.

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    +1 never torque wrenched mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xray328 View Post
    Yep, I got mine "that's about right" snug and they've been fine.

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