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    2000 Yamaha SUV 1200 full part out.

    I just picked this up last night and plan to tear it down this weekend. The lower section of the hull is already spoken for as a sneak boat project for a buddy but I will be stripping everything off it. Normally I don't hold body parts too long due to how much space they take up so if anyone is interested in any of the body parts, speak now before they go to recycle.

    I will start with pics of the complete ski for now and add a full list of parts with prices after the weekend. The outside of the ski is filthy but it is actually in really good shape. The inside is far cleaner than I had anticipated and my hopes are high that the engine is salvageable. The story is that it was brought in by a customer and it would crank but not start. Compression was low in one cylinder only and the owner has not been heard of since presented with the quote for repair.

    Pressure washed it tonight and updated the pics. She cleans up well.

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    How much for the gauge display?

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    Here are all the parts and prices. Prices do not include shipping but don't be afraid to make an offer.

    Hood $125
    Driveshaft $95
    Pump stator $45
    Reduction Nozzle/Steering nozzle $65
    Rear hatch cover (Left) $100
    Rear hatch cover (Right) $100
    Rear hatch seal $15 each
    Fuel pickup with level sensor $25
    Start/Stop switch $50
    Throttle lever $20
    Throttle cable (58.5" shroud, 63" overall) $20
    Steering cowling $65
    Glove box lid $25
    Rear battery and fire extinguisher tray $40
    Intake grate $25
    Steering Tower with Tilt feature SOLD
    Rear grab handle SOLD
    Ride plate SOLD
    Flame Arrester SOLD
    Waterbox SOLD
    Trailer SOLD
    Exhaust manifold SOLD
    Exhaust headpipe SOLD
    Exhaust expansion chamber SOLD
    Fuel cap and neck SOLD
    Oil cap and neck SOLD
    Starter -SOLD-
    Bendix -SOLD-
    Stator -SOLD-
    Flywheel -SOLD-
    Coupler Set -SOLD-
    Impeller -SOLD-
    Wear Ring -SOLD-
    Midshaft Bearing assembly with shaft -SOLD-
    Mirrors -SOLD-
    Hood Hinge with shock dampers -SOLD-
    Digital display with 64.6 hours -SOLD-
    Front seat -SOLD -
    Rear seat -SOLD -
    Sponsons -SOLD-
    Twist Trim with cables -SOLD-
    Trim Pulley block -SOLD-
    Trim Cable -SOLD-
    Reverse cable -SOLD-
    Steering cable -SOLD-
    Engine Cases -SOLD-
    Crank -SOLD-
    Intake manifold -SOLD-
    Tripple Carbs -SOLD-
    Pistons -SOLD-
    Tripple cylinder (Middle cyl needs bore) -SOLD-
    Head -SOLD-
    Stator cover -SOLD-
    Ebox, complete -SOLD-
    Engine mount set -SOLD-
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    I'll take the right mirror if it will fit my XLT... Looks to be the same judging by the pics... And one of the plastic ventilation elbows under the seat..

    Update: I looked up part numbers on the mirror for both skis:

    SUV is FOV-U596B-04-00
    XLT is FOV-U596C-04-00

    They look identical with the exception that my mirror has bolts attached to it and utilizes nuts to secure it to the hood.. The SUV mirror attaches using bolts from the underside of the hood.. I could care less how it attaches as long as they look identical.. The vent elbows are the same and I just need 1 of those.. Thanks!
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    I think both the mirrors have threaded inserts and one just comes with studs pre installed. I can confirm once I pull them off but either way, I am sure we can make them fit.

    Here are pics of the mirror and gauges and a few more items...

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    I pulled the head off the engine to see how bad the middle cyl was and it is trashed. The others look good so not sure what happened to the middle. All the oil lines were intact and not plugged.

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    Sold the motor with carbs and electrics today. Updated the part list.

    The hull has also gone off to it's new home so any parts left on the hull are no longer available.

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    The Trailer has Sold!!!!!!

    Parts are going surprisingly fast. I am just updated the list again and will post up pics of the trailer in a couple minutes.

    Hard to sell a trailer online but you never know. I live in SC but make regular trips south into Georgia and Florida as far south as St Augustine.
    Asking $350 for the trailer. sorry no title, (SC is a non title state for small trailers so nobody keeps up on the paperwork).

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    Got my mirrors in friday.. Worked perfect! Thanks man! Awesome seller and super fast shipping!

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