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Thread: Kaw 750ss

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    Kaw 750ss

    Ski runs great on hose just rebuilt carb. Once I put ski in test pond ski wont rev up and acts like its loosing spark or in limp mode. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    I had a 750SS and the issues with it were:

    Empty the fuel tank. Pull the fuel pick-up from the tank and check it out. The return line and others may be restricted and/or plugged. The usual cause is the plastic chrome that is on the plastic pick up/return distribution cap. Clean all of this up as best as you can and you also may find a filter down in there. Replace the pies and tubes as needed.

    Then check the inline filter/seperator and make sure it is clear/clean and the cap seal is good.

    Lastly check your carb again, compression good? Plugs? No head gasket issues? Should be around 150 psi per hole but I have seen them run good down much lower as long as they are withing 10% +/- of eachother.

    There is also a deal on the front left side of these motors that looks like a choke set-up. This was to drain water from the bottom end. They make a block-off for this. Get one if you can. Any ways this MUST be kept so it does not leak air into the bottom end as this will cause a lean condition and cook a piston.

    Carb tuning is best done in the water as the rpms are different when prop pulling water.

    Let us know what you find and good luck.

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