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    Dana Point to Oceanside and back race...

    The last race of the Triple Crown of Offshore is coming up. See and click on the link to check it out. If youve never raced in the ocean..this is the race to do. Approximately 55 miles to and from and its coastline racing. You have the option of hugging the coast or straight line tracking. A GPS is a must and highly highly recommended but if you hug the coast you cant get lost until you try and find the turn boat...the getting lost out to sea part is taken out of the question. Again this is my own opinion. This is one of the easiest races to navigate.
    On another note..its not a closed course. If you wanted to come out and ride half the course just to check it out then do it. Its an upfront view if youve never ocean raced. Please be very equipped for any hazards or water conditions. Highly recommend Sea Tow, Vessel Assist or another riding partner.
    Come and check it out and see what its all about. Next years season will be coming up quick.

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    Thanks for posting this up. Hope some LowCal and NorCal folks make it. '

    See you there!

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