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    Replacing intermediate shaft bearing?

    I have a 2007 Yamaha VX Cruiser with just over 100hrs on it that we bought in March and I am pretty sure I need to replace the intermediate shaft bearings. The engine has been taken out twice in the last 2 months to fix a leak under the joint pipe (once by a mechanic who only made things worse, and again by us) so I'm guessing that we (or the mechanic-he said he put shims under the motor, but there were none when we lifted it) didn't align the coupler right and that destroyed the that likely? Or is there another cause? I'm pretty sure the bearings are toast...we ran it to see if we fixed the leak (we did) and when we looked in the hull afterwards there was grease coming out of the bearing housing....And the mechanic supposedly replaced those when he worked on it because he said someone had dropped a piece of a spark plug in the hull which got sucked into those bearings and that destroyed the seal and caused the leak. After he fixed that, we found out it was leaking from the seal under the joint pipe, so I'm not sure.

    So on that note, I want to make sure I order the right parts, and install them correctly. I believe I need to order this:

    but which option do I choose from the dropdown menu? Is it this:
    Complete Repair Kit N/A 1-5 1 003-621

    or this:
    *Bearing Housing complete with all above N/A 9 1 SB70-410

    I know how to lift the engine and take the driveshaft out, and I have watched a few videos on aligning the coupler (should have watched those in the first place apparently). So how do I get the old bearings off and new on? Do I need a press? Or is there some other trick?

    Thanks for the help.

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    So, after doing some more research, it seems like the alternative is to purchase the intermediate shaft with the bearing housing assembly and coupler from someone who is parting out their ski. It is more $, so I don't want to do this if replacing the bearing is easy. Can someone give me a better idea of what is involved in this repair?

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