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    Crankshaft service??

    Where can I get the connecting rods on my XP crank???
    In south Florida

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    Wow!!! 29 views and no one know who can do this.....SUX!!!

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    Not many people have either the patience, tools, or knowledge to mess with 2 stroke cranks. And there are not many sources for the pieces. By the time you buy the parts, you might as well just buy a rebuilt crank.

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    The largest remanufacturer of PWC crankshafts in the world is in the south part of Florida. Why not see what they have to offer. Pressing and aligning either end and changing rods is not hard to do. But you should also have bearings and inner seals changed out too. That is a lot more difficult and time consuming. Getting each end indexed is critical and not easy without proper tooling.

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    So who sells the rebuilt cranks????

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