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    1997 seadoo xp carbs

    I need help in finding a set of carbs for my 97 XP 787. I have looked on ebay but not sure if all carbs will fit from the 787.I looked on cyclepartsnation for part numbers and they seem to be different. So what carbs will fit from which machines/years any help would be great.


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    Most 787 carbs will work, but you need to check what size jets you have. Also your replacement will need to be checked too. Go to for jet references or, then tech specs.

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    i have 97 xp 787, i am thinking of parting out i will make up my mind as soon as i go to my local DMV, to see how much it owes on back fees (not registered since 01). i will need the motor for my other ski (gtx) in case i parted out. so make a resonable offer and i'll let you know. they are in perfect condition no rust, started the engine today and runs perfect no bogging. i also have the ones off my gtx 787 already off the ski,I cleaned them and are ready to go. they are the same

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    I have a set of carbs if you need them.

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