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    2001 GP1200 or 2005 Kaw 12F

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question.
    The bikes I am looking at are the 2001Yam GP1200 and the 2005 Kaw 12F. The 12F i think has 200 hrs on it.
    The Yam has probably 160hrs. They are priced close to each other but the Yam has no trailer.
    They would be used to pull skiers and young tubers. Mechanical probs arent a prob to fix but the budget constraints will be. So what are your opinions on these two skiis?


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    Can't legally pull a tuber with a 01 GPR1200. Its a two person ski. 12F gets the vote if that what you wanna do with the ski

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    cool. Thanks for the info.

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