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    Has anyone ever "hot-wired" their ski to bypass security problems?

    The ski in question is a 2000 Yamaha GP760

    My ski is turning over but will not spark. Ive had the ski at a dealer the other week and he said my gauges were bad and that ws causing my ski to not turn over at all. I did some tinkering (wired the kill switch and ignition switch backwards) and as soon as you hooked the battery up the ski would fire right up and run all day. Ive used it for 2 weekends like this. One of the wires came out of the start/kill switch on the handlebar so I pulled it apart and noticed the 4 wires coming from the switch (one red, brown, white, black) were all cut in the same spot, whith the end running into the ski missing. SO I attached some new wires from the switch and ran them to the connectores below the seat (matching the colors back up) and now my ski will turn over fine, but will not spark.

    Is there a way to run a toggle switch to something like the coil (if it even has one?) that would turn the spark on as I flipped it to get it to run?

    Ive had a similar problem with my truck, and I just ran a toggle switch to my starter solenoid so when I flip the switch the truck would start up and I would shut the switch off after its started.

    Would like to be on the lake this weekend, Please help!

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    Dumb me! It had spark, I just forgot to turn the gas on! Turned the gas on and hit the switch and it fired right up.

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    That's happened more then once around here. I may have done that myself in the past...

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