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    2003 MSX 140 got water in tank now throttle issues

    My neigbour has a 2003 msx with ficht fuel injection 2 stroke. He got water in the fuel tank but it has been cleaned out. He ran a fresh tank of gas but it acts like it drops a cylinder then recovers. If he feathers the throttle it will get to top speed for a few seconds then drops back and then recovers again. The throttle is all over the place.
    It seems to idle ok.

    What do you think? tps? fuel pressure? gummmed up injector? is ther a fuel filter?


    Btw it was fresh water.

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    Check the fuel pressure it should be between 20 and 30 psi with the engine running.
    There is a Schrader (like a tire valve) valve fuel pressure test fitting on the return fuel line from the injectors just in front of the mag end injector.
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    How was the fuel tank cleared out? Was the fuel pump removed and the inside of the fuel tank swabbed out?

    Do check the fuel pressure. See my signature links for more info on the Ficht fuel pump and the pressure regulator, which can fall out and cause fuel pressure to go to near zero.

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