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    2006 SeaDoo GTX questions

    I currently have 2-2006 SeaDoo GTX’s. 1 is n/a and 1 is non-ic supercharged. The supercharged one is at 96 hours right now but had the metal washers replaced at apx 45-50 hours and a new carbon seal at the time as well. The previous owner over serviced them! My questions as of now are: should I consider putting the blow-off valve kit on the sc ski? Will it benefit me in any way? I know there are no performance gains but mainly I am looking for durability and sc longevity. Also since the 100 hr service is coming up on the ski, and since the metal washers have already been installed into the sc; what should I be looking to do for the 100hr service? Also when should I look to replace the metal washers and possibly rebuild the sc?

    I have been trolling here for weeks now and havnt found a solid answer to my questions. I am really hoping you guys can help my noob self out!!!!! BTW awesome ski's and info here!!!!!
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    You are due for a complete s/c rebuild @100H. The rebuild kit comes with new metal washers. Save your money on the BO Valve, many on here will tell you they leak boost and most do not run one. Best place to get a kit is here in the Greenhulk parts store. You can send your SC to Jerry and he will rebuild it for $75 plus the cost of the kit and shipping. there is a link in the performance section (sticky) that tells you what to do about sending the charger in and purchasing parts

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