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    What piston to buy?

    I'm going to buy 3 new pistons/rings, etc. for my '93 sl650. Any suggestions on brand, etc. I know Weisco's are probably twice the price of WSM, etc. I don't race it, just want a reliable ski for the grandkids, etc. Any thoughts? My cylinders are currently stock 65mm. Most likely will only need to go .25 or .5 over STD.

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    I am running wsm's in my pro785. Seems to be holding up just fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by ujustlost View Post
    I am running wsm's in my pro785. Seems to be holding up just fine
    I have 3 WSMs between my two skis. No issues here either....

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    WSM are good. I have them in my 700 and in one of my 1200s

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    Thanx for your responses! I like less expensive if they are trustworthy!

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    I just rebuilt my pro with WSMs and have had it out for 6 more hrs on the mfd with no problems. they come with a coating to help with break in.

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    wiescos are overrated and overpriced. I got talked into them when i rebuilt my 250r quad because of there resistance to shattering blah blah blah, it lasted 1 season before the piston exploded and cost me a new engine....the parts were inspected by the machine shop and had no explanation so when i rebuilt i used the good ol cast piston in it, just like the other that lasted 22 years and im on my 3rd season of intense hard running and im holding over 150psi.

    I also just put a wsm kit in my sl750 and the fitment and quality seem second to none, however ive only got like 4 hours of run time on it

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