hey guys.
I picked up a ski that lost the SC gear and destroyed the front and rear oil pumps.
I had an extra rear PTO and pump. But had to get a complete new(used) front oil pump and tops.

My questions is this....
the one i received looks to be from an 02-03 4tec. It is 3 pieces and uses a regular gasket to seal to the block.
The one that i removed uses fitted O-ring style gaskets in groves to seal it up....I dont have the front oil pump gasket for the 02-03 style and my 05 housing has some scratches in it....

So...the million dollar question....
Do I use the complete 02-03 assembly and use some RTV to make a gasket??
Or put the 02-03 pump into the 05 housing and lightly sand out the scuffs on the inside of the housing???
Help me out guy!!! I need to put thus engine back together and in by 9 pm tonight!!!