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    02 4tec advice, rebuild or part out

    I have an 02 gtx that has been a huge headache. Runs great, does 55mph in the water, just dont stop or it wont start again. Got low compression on one cylinder. Should I remove the engine again and do a ring job or say hell with it and part the darn thing out. Very aggrivated. A little oil in the cylinder will bring it up to 150 psi, other 2 cyl are around that without lube. the bad cylinder only have 50 psi and sometimes 100 if you leave cranking hard. I am guessing the hard water start is due to low compression on the one cylinder even though she runs good when starter.

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    If rebuild is the best option, where do you guys recommend getting a complete rebuild kit from? Just gaskets and pistons or at least rings.

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    I would buy the parts right here on the online store. Rebuild vs part out would depend how much you want to spend vs what the ski is actually worth. If you are planning on keeping it and doing the work yourself, it is a good experience.

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    Going to swap the engines now to make sure the low compression is causing the ski not to start in the water, then when I actually get a little time I will tear the other engine down to find out where the loss of compression is and check the cylinder walls. Maybe I will get luck and need rings? I wont know anything till I can pull it apart.

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    If you enjoy doing the work rebuilding is a good experience.

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