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    RXT Hood Access Panel

    My hood strut has joined the "non-working" category. I am stopping at the autoparts store on the way home to grab a replacement and need to know if I need to grab anything else for the job. Is the "access panel" held on with 2-sided tape or anything else special?


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    FYI-- Not all gas struts are the same. I searched at three stores and finally found one that matched the one off my Doo. It fit perfectly-- only it wasnt strong enough to hold the hood up. Come to find out there are three specs-- type of clips/connecting parts, length AND pounds. The ones I found fit perfectly but are only rated at 50 #. I read here they need to be 90+# rating.

    GH thread--

    NAPA Turbolift part number 819-5586 is discussed in the thread.

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