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    Intercooler internal fin coating for salt water use

    I noticed that when took my EX Intercooler out the other day to change my exhaust routing, that the aluminum fins have a little bit of salt air corrosion on them,
    I am currently using the Speed freeks rear air and ride in salt water,
    I remembered that a couple of Offshore Oil Rig Customers had me spray a Heresite Coating on the alluminum cooling fins on there roof top A/C units,
    The Heresite Coating prevents any corrosion from salt and harsh chemicals, and still lets the heat dissipate,
    I had a can laying around and sprayed the inside of the EX Intercooler where the salt air hits it,
    I will take some pictures tonight before I put everyting back together,

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    That's why sea doo recirculates its oil vapor, to coat all aluminum in a thin coat of oil for salt protection. If you want the protection, disconnect you catch can and plum the line into the intake before the SC.

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    The reason seadoo recycles it is because their air box is shit and let's salt into the system! Have you seen the mess of oil and goo mixed with salt going through your supercharger and intercooler and intake manifold! If you run a proper filter on your 4 inch you will not get salt in you're intake or intercooler! Do not remove your catch can because if your supercharger is getting nice clean air it does not need oil and fuel flowing through it!

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    Pictures of the Heresite Coating on the cooling fins,
    hopefully it will slow the corrosion process of the salt air,
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