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    Replacing DriveShaft


    I have a 2005 GTX SC 185 HP. I need to replace the drive shaft. The Sea Doo dealership tells me that I need a special tool to do this. Is this so? If so, is there anyway to get around using the tool?


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    There certainly is. Do a search on driveshaft replacement, the procedure has been outlined many times. It can be tough if your driveshaft is heavily corroded though.

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    Yes their is a tool that is required to push the top hat back so you can get access to the "c" clip on the drive shaft. Once the clip is removed, you can then remove the pump assembly and withdraw the shaft. You could possibly make a tool for pushing back the top hat yourself and save yourself some $$$. The hat could be quite difficult to move if its corroded onto the shaft, especially if you run in salt water.

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    This is the tool that you buy,
    MSRXP has a instructional sticky that I used and it worked pretty good,
    check the Riva instruction site also,

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