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    2008 gp1300r efi setting help

    Hello everyone, i have been working on tuning my 08 gp1300r and have a question. I originally was set at and had noticable gurgling in the low range. After playing with the efi unti a bit more I am now set at and it is noticably better. There is still some gurgling around 4500-4900 rpm. Can anyone suggest how to tune this out? My concern is going to lean with the below modifications. Any help is appreciated!

    Current Mods are:
    Jimís R&D FF Plate
    Sealed pump shoe
    R&D 1200 Grate
    Jetworks mod with IR Stealth
    Riva EFI
    Lowell 150 psi OEM head
    WFO 3 degree Keyway
    Coco Tunnel reinforcement
    IR HD shoe brackets
    14/20 DF impellor with race finish by Impros
    Tiny Tach
    Shaft Hose Upgrade
    R&D Steering Nozzle
    OEM Metal Trim Tabs

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    What light is on (on your efi unit) when the gurgling occurs? I believe that if the gurgling occurs when the green light is on, you would lower your 1st pot, yellow light 2nd pot, etc. I've seen some folks that adjust the fourth pot a little lower to smooth the transition point. BTW, what octane are you running and do you have any issues with detonation with the timing advance and the compression increase. I'm thinking of doing the same thing but worried 91 octane won't be enough.

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    I am not sure which light is on, i will have to try to position the efi unti so I can see it better and see if that helps.

    I run 93 or 91 and have no issues with detonation. It is running great, just working on fine tuning out the gurgle.

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    unfortunately thats normal on a non-powervalve... they all have a dead spot there

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    unfortunately thats normal on a non-powervalve... they all have a dead spot there
    if you play with the transition pot enough you can tune the dead spot to a more reasonable level, after chatting with WFO mine got a lot better.

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    Ok, thanks for the input guys! We have it to the point where it is barely there.

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