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    ? On Tach resistor - for u electronic guys

    So my tach on spx quit working - the 20K Ohm resistor is open - Radio shack has a 22K Ohm -1/4 watt both - does the tach signal care or should I link 2 10K resistors?

    I assume the tach is counting the a/c pulses (from the lighting coil) so it shouldn't really matter I'm thinking Like ur thoughts

    Thanks Tim

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    22k will be fine.....

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    That's what I'm thinking too but I don't know too much about it

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    if you put a meter on the 22k it can read as high as 26k and as low as 18k if its a 20% the 4th color band on the resister is the % the closer your are the better,
    the only way to know exactly what your putting on is to meter it (except for reading the color code bands which again is approximate)

    you will probably NEVER get a true 20k no matter what you chain together or get straight out of the package.. even with a .05%.. but you do want to try to be as close as possible, whenever possible..

    electronics is NOT an exact science..

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