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    RXP issues help!

    So I recently put in another x charger after having the impeller shreaded by an object. new SC is in, cant turn it by hand, runs great on the hose. Once i got it in the water it got up to about 3k with a little boost. then ran ridged after that with no boost. at about 5k. Could it be a faulty spark plug, or something more serious?
    Ski setup is X charger, 42lbs, rrfpr, XS IC/ Let me know what you think.

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    Hole in the inter cooler fins from metal out of SC touchdown?

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    Could be, thats also possible.

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    was the other charger used? What was the slip set at?

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    yes it was used and i have no idea. im pretty sure it was whatever the stock slip is for an x charger.

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