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    please help! Thanks with fuel pump

    I have a 2011 rental 130 pwc.The fuel pump wont run,I tested voltage to pump at plug ok,So I replaced with a known 2011 working pump,same thing wont come on,engine cranks over there fine just no fuel pressure,no faults on sbt diagnostic tool,but when ski is turned on or cranked over the ground is showing 12 volts coming from pump plug.Does anyone know where the fuel pump grounds I cant find it in manual online,or is it possible to run extra ground wire for fuel pump as power line would not be affected.any ideas please,oh I also replaced the both modules with working ones,,also cluster with known working ones,no help,thank you in advance>Marvin

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    I had a person just recently purchase and ECU from me that was having problems with his fuel pump. The ecu fixed his problem-- you may want to try swapping ecus.

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    the fuel pump always has 12v going to it. the ecu completes the ground to make it operate.
    i would first jump the fuel pump to make sure that it isnt faulty, then i would check all of the engine grounds, then i would test continuity of the fuel pump harness connector back to the corresponding ecu pin to rule out a short, then as was said before, try and borrow a known working ecm and see if it works.

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