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    Trim Lever Stuck 06 1300 GPR


    I have a 2006 1300 GPR. Run in Fresh water only, 80 hours


    Intake grate
    Ride Plate
    Trim Taps
    Free Flow Exhust

    Last winter I put the ski away last winter, winterized it, lubed everything up. This spring I have take it out and the trim lever is stuck at the neutral position. I can not see any obvious signs of corrosion. How do I go about freeing this up? I am fairly mechanical and just built a custom SJ so i have the skills.

    Also at top speed it begins to "porpoise" or jump on flat water. Since I cannot adjust the trim i am loosing top end because of this. Any suggestions?

    thanks in advance,


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    On the XLT 1200 I bought it was pretty obvious - one cable was split and rust was coming out. If it isn't visible like that I'd start disconnecting the various pivots in the linkage and isolate which ones still move and which don't.

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    thanks I will look into that,


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    3 cables total... 2 up top and 1 to the rear from the pivot mech. Unhook the rear cable from the pivot and see if you can move the grip... you can manually move the rear cable too

    step sponsons to stop porposing

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    I had dry parts in the handgrip on mine. The little ball and spring in the detent was sticking to the plastic detents. Had a split and rusted cable in the back area by the waterbox on another one, hard to see, the case was split on the bottom side and water got in, rusted it up.

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    My exterior extender had sand and corrosion that basically froze the trim. I sprayed WD-40 on it, let it sit for a while and used (2) pliers to twist the extender slightly to break the corrosion and sand loose. Works fine now. I don't know if that is where you problem is for sure, I know it was mine though.

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    Thanks Guys, sorry it took me some time to get back this, after some investigating i found that the 2 wires up top were rusted and seized. I am going to replace both with new. Thanks for the info! Stepped the sponsons and stopped the porpoising too!

    Thanks again,

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