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    plugged fresh water flush

    hi,i pick up my ski and after i bought it the guy had it on his dock. cleaned the carbs put new gas in it and it ran perfect. good stream out the back out of the water jet . got it home and had to wait a couple days to change the hose as i couldn't findthe special attachment for the fresh water flush. it's a 1995 wave venture. so i took that hose off and used something different. so when i hooked the hose to it to flush it out it is acting like it is clogged. no water out the back nothing. what do i need to take off and clean ? is it just the cylinder head? i'm totally new to jet skis so any help is greatly apperciated.

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    took everything apart and the nozzel was clogged so took it off and cleaned it out . then putting it back on snapped the threads. so gotta find a need inlet . prob need to order one .also took the head off and cleaned out the salt deposits (wasn't to bad).

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