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    96 Polaris SLX in limp mode with full fuel and oil on the MFD and no red light

    My ski has developed a new problem where it bogs down at 4200 rpm. I have tried multiple times to get over 4200 rpm but it sits dead on 4200. My fuel sender is cut and spliced to close the loop and always shows full fuel. My oil indicator shows full as well and has never been an issue. The red warning light does not flash or remain steady at any point during operation. The ski worked great last week and now i have this issue. I have no knowledge of the "electrical system" on the ski or any idea what could be causing my problem. She starts up great, idles and runs fine until 4200 rpm then i hear ba ba ba ba ba ba as apposed to baaaaaaaaaaa. aka rev limiter. (did my best as conveying the sound lol)

    If you could provide any help/information that would be great.

    Thank You,

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    The LR module that controls limp mode is probably failing. Disconnect the grey wire from the CDI to the terminal board and see if the problem goes away. If your MFD is fully functional and can warn you of low oil, low fuel or overheat you don't need the rev limiter anyways.

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