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    1999 1200LTD Still Wont Start - Very Puzzled

    Hey guys - any advice would be wonderful. We cut the ski off - it would not start back (START) would blink, no powervalve cycle, no sounds, nothing. Both fuses good. All signs pointed to starter - I did try to jump starter relay but nothing. Pulled starter and it was seized up. Tried it on my jump pack but my jump pack started to smoke like a Marlboro red. Opened starter and it was corroded. So 3 signs this thing is shot!

    Ordered new starter. Tested it on my jump pack before I installed it. Tested good. Cleaned all connections and installed it.

    Same indications. No sounds, no cycle of powervalves, START just blinks. I am lost...I did check again that my motor is not locked up - it is not. I would think that the new starter has got to be getting power and if so - I should at least hear that powervalve cycle - right?

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    are you sure the security is not activated? did you check if there is power getting to the solenoid? i'm not sure but if the engine does not rotate the pv motor is not going to cycle.

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    I've got a star/stop switch you can try , and a new solenoid and starter.also i have the original hot wire from the battery to the solenoid.let me know you have my #
    i believed i also have a cdi.

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    Uhhmm I am sure the security is not activated. The starter I put in was brand new (and tested before install). I guess I have assumed that new starter was getting power to it. It is just really hard to get to the positive and negative on the starter once it is installed...Especially without taking the exhaust off. So let me take your advice and try to verify I am actually getting power to it - and have a god ground. I wonder if when my old starter crapped out if it shorted and burned the pos or negative line going to it. You may be on to something. Thanks! It seems like it has to be related to that old starter going out bc it was defiantly bad.

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    Your old starter was drawing a ton of current and possibly wiped out your starter solenoid.
    Read this thread and see if your situation sounds similar

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    or dirty/bad connections, service both pos and neg connections.

    hookup a meter to the starter cable @ solenoid, press the start button, voltage should not drop below 10 volts

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    it's the solenoid, I had the exact same problem a few weeks ago. After I opened the vault, it turns out some hack got distracted installing a new solenoid and simply screwed the ground line in finger tight. When I tightened up the ground, the problem was solved.

    I believe the cdi is looking for a complete circuit on the starter solenoid before it will wake fire up....

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    When you jump across the solenoid with the new starter does it turn over?

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    Ok guys - here is the deal. First thanks for all the great advice. I have a buddy coming with a meter in an hour or so and will do as recommended. I DID try to jump the starter relay - but not since I put the new starter in - so that is a needed check. At the same time what is further puzzling is that in the meantime I ran another cable to the positive of the starter directly to the battery - No Change. Isn't this the same as jumping the relay?

    Also when you guys say solenoid starter - is this the same as the starter relay in the waterproof box where you jump the 2 big posts?

    Thanks again gentlemen! I truly appreciate your time and help om this and will give an update as soon as I do more testing. I also want to ensure I have a good ground path too!

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    solenoid/starter relay is same part, the voltage test with meter will indicate which is bad, could be the battery just plain failed, run the test and report.

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