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    HX Water Getting Into Motor Please Help........

    I have a '96 HX and it runs perfect out of the water but as soon as I put it in the water it won't run for more then 20 seconds it is getting water into the motor somewhere the motor is brand new and it would do same thing with the existing motor it seems like it might be coming in from the exhaust somehow but it's driving me crazy any ideas please help.... Thanks, Jim

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    Could be a warped head ??? Cracked manifold ?? You could make a block off plate where the pipe would bolt on plug up water out lets of motor, bleed off all air and pressure test with garden hose or leak test with air?? Mostly Bumping you up so you can get better some help. Just be diligent in getting all the water out by running it afterward don't want rusty crank, am there doing that.

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    both engines are leaking in water? That seems kinda suspicious. Are you sure you dont have carb problems/ignition problems and it is killing its self under load?

    Have you done a caompression or leak down test on it yet?

    how do the plugs look? If you turn it over with the plugs out does it spit water out of the cylinders?

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    Need to disassemble the manifold and pipe. You are leaking water from the cooling jacket most likely. I had one that kept blowing the base gasket on rear cylinder. Finally changed out pipe and manifold which fixed the problem. Gaskets had been changed and did nothing. I need to pressure check the old parts to find out exactly where the leak was.

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