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    Fuel gauge issues.....

    First off, let me say I have been reading threads surrounding fuel gauge problems for days trying to resolve the issue without having to ask another question. The other topics have helped me check some things and perhaps I just missed something. I just purchased a 97 Seadoo GTI and the first thing I did was take the carb off and clean it and replace all of the old gray fuel hose. The fuel gauge did not work on this machine so I figured I would try to fix it while it was all apart. First thing I read about was the float, which I tested and mine sank like a stone, purchase a replacement and that solved that issue. Gauge still doesn't read, so i tested the output using an OHM meter, I get 89 on "empty" and the readings lower consistently all the way to under 1 ohm at "full." If I read correctly getting the proper readings means my fuse on the control inside the baffle is fine so no need to do the cut the baffle and remove fuse procedure. I then jumped the wires (pink/ pink and black) together and powered the machine on, gauge read a full tank, so that means the gauge works correct?? I thought maybe the connection from the baffle to the MPEM was bad but I tested the reading right at the MPEM with my OHM meter and I got the same readings as i got testing directly from the baffle. At this point I am lost as to why it will not work and I really dont want to send my kids out on the lake without a working gauge. Any other tests or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    After digging further and further I removed the connector at the MPEM, pushed out the AMP connector pins for the pink and pink/black wires (#11 and #12 in the connector) and tested the reading there, got nothing! The connectors were pretty corroded so I will be replacing those tomorrow and see if that works. I may attempt to bypass the MPEM for the gauge itself, looking through the manual it appears that these wires just pass though the MPEM and and could be connected directly together. I can't see where anyone has attempted to direct connect the gauge, so if I go that route I will post which wires from the sensor connect to which wires from the gauge and any grounding that needs to take place.

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