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    New(used) 1994 Polaris SL 750 reserve Fuel tank

    Ok, now dont yell at me if this question is as basic as basic gets... which im sure it is. But I just bought a used 94 Polaris SL 750. It has the fuel selector handle on it for On - Off - Reserve on it. When filling the main tank does it automatically fill up the reserve tank also? When filling it up with gas do I have to switch the selector to reserve to get gas into the reserve tank? If I drain the main tank out of gas on the lake and I switch it to reserve how much gas should I have left. Ive tried finding a manual for the ski but no dice. sorry if its a stupid question Ive just never had a ski that had the selector switch for a reserve tank on it.. plus im not a pro like many on here. Thanks for any and all help!

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    Fuel tank

    Yes it will fill "automatically". It is one tank. No baffles. The "on" suction tube is shorter than the "reserve" so it stops sucking gas at that level. The reserve is about an inch or so longer so switching to reserve tells you to head for fuel. It will give you a gallon or so. Dont run on reserve any more than you need to because the bottom of the tank is where all the bad stuff collects and gets sucked into the carbs.

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