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    Ignition Button Question

    Hey guys, long time first time. I have 2 1997 skis, and on one of them I have noticed over the past few weeks that the ignition button has been taking a few clicks to start. The rubber on it is a little torn, so I think some water may have gotten in there. So today it worked maybe 6 times, and then just completely stopped. I let it sit for an hour or so to eat lunch, and when I went back out it successfully turned on. However, then when I went to turn it off, the button again failed to have any result, so I had to pull the key to turn it off. For that reason, I do not think it has anything to do with the starter, but rather I think the button itself has worn out. Is there any way to test the button itself? And how do I get it off from around the handlebar so that I can check the contacts on the button? It looks like the plastic housing is one solid piece that slides off the end of the bar with an electrical connector right where it meets the steering column, but I couldn't see how to get the grip off and out of the way without ripping it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    there is a rubber plug on the very end of the grip handle - remove the plug and you will find the bolt that holds the grip on. The switch housing is held on by a set screw on the bottom of the housing..

    You can download the service and parts manuals from here -

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