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    01 Virage Won't Start, MFD = No Display!

    My '01 Virage TX will not start and there is no diaplay on the MFD when I plug in the lanyard. At the end of last season I replaced the LR-505 with a brand new one. I also did the red/purple, orande wire jumper per the servive bulletin. When I completed that task I fired it up in the garage and it ran great. Fast forward to today; I put it on the lake for the first time. Brand new AGM battery, it cranks strong, but nothing!. Ther is also, absolutly no display on the MFD!



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    Battery polarity correct? Never reversed, even for a moment?

    Check Reset buttons and fuses. Some years have the display fuse (1/4 Amp) inside the electrical box. Other years have the display fuse inside a wire harness splice connector.

    If fuse is good check voltage at the connector behind the display. Black to Red/Purple (hmmm, memory is fuzzy on this but the 12 volt wire may be a different color than Red/Purple )

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