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    Upgrade 2012 Wake 210 for more speed !!

    Hi, I have just got my 2012 wake 210 boat and would like to know if there is any easy way to get addittional speed out of it.

    It is the 430hp model.

    I am used to getting 60mph from my jetski and would like to do the same in my boat if possible.

    I guessing prop / ecu maybe.

    Any suggestions on options or past experience would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    As far as I know, you should be close to 60mph in that thing stock, maybe a solid 58, in which case a bit of cheap work to open up the air intake will get you there. There would be a huge $$$ amount of mods necessary to support changing out the ECUs. A prop change will only result in more top speed if you have the power to spin it, so if you aren't on the limiter now, a bigger prop is only going to slow you down without more power. If the boat's brand new, it won't be ready to make full power until after 10 hours or so.

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