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    aftermarket engine mounts monkey mounts

    hi ive got a 2002 gtx 951 carb i send much of my time wave jumping in some serious rough stuff but seem to replacing engine mounts quickly the wsm ones just arent up to the job, the only other ones that ive found are monkey mounts not tried them yet are they any good ??????????

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    I do a lot of wavejumping myself. I personaly don't like wsm products in general. I use the oem mounts or monkey grips mounts. But they will break after time anyway, so I modified mine. Never noticed that the upperpart comes loose from the rubber? I take the upperplate and drill it true. After that I run a bolt true it. On top I place a nut an done. It wont break or come loose. The only hassle is when you should take out the engine, you should loose the bolts that holds the mount in the hull.

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