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    Kawasaki sxr-800 running on one cylinder

    My jetski wont run on both cylinders, it seems like it docent get enough fuel. What should i do?

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    Start by pulling the spark plugs and see what they look like. It would also be a good time to do a compression test. Make sure to ground the spark plugs if you do this. Before you put the plugs back in, stick them in the spark plug wires and hold the plug against the engine block and crank it to check for spark.

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    Yes i have done that and there is nothing wrong with the spark.
    Yesterday i unplugged the spark plug wire on the cylinder that works and the engine would not start. But when I manually pored fuel down the carb, the jetski started. And stopped as soon as i stopped poring fuel myself. So i think the cylinder is not getting enough fuel.

    Does anyone know how to clean the carburetor? Maybe a nozzle is blocked by dirt?

    someone got any other suggestions?

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