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    99 xlt 1200r engine ????

    I just picked up a xlt did a comp test and all cyl are good.I looked in the pto spark plug hole to at the top of piston and saw it didnt have carbon on it like the cen and mag piston.thats not the problem.went to the water it starts idles take it off the trailer it wont rev out to get on plane.talked to a guy he said chk the cat converter to see if it broke out and clogged the exhaust.pulled it off and found peices of the exhaust valve. pulled caps off the exhaust valves to find there are NO exhaust valves in the pto cen mag cyl.well i was wondering do i tear it down?or what? if any one has some suggestions i would love to hear them thanks for looking.

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    Don't run it anymore for starters. There were no powervalves on any of the three cylinders? Or did they all break/fall off? Sounds like mabye the rear cylinder was on its way out. If it's oil injected are all the oil lines still hooked up? I would take the head off and see that it looks like.

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