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    What wear ring to get. !998 GSX LTD with big cone pump

    Plastic pump had flierglass wear ring , no gasket to mounting plate just sealer. The pump has big cone ,indented allens . I think those were 2001. Is it supposed to have the rubber covered ring. ? It looks like those have their own sealing surface on the as well. Is this correct.? I have purchasde gasket already.

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    Plastic pumps have the rubber o/ring around the front of the wear ring flange but you must remove the 4 round spacer washers on the pump mounting studs inside the pump cavity at the rear of the ski.

    The plastic pump bolts hard up to the pump shoe with the rubber gasket between .

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    All of the 155 pumps from 98 have large cone as you described.

    To clarify more, the 98 model 951 skis have an oddball pump. There are the four large diameter stainless spacer washers behind pump on ride shoe. When going with any newer model pump, those washers go away removed, taken off not used. Clean the ride shoe well where black silicone was originally for pump to seal. Replace with the 99 and newer large flanged oring to seal pump to the shoe now. Makes for a clean assembly and ease to remove next time.

    Now to use the newer oring gasket on original 98 only pump, the machined diameter around where wear ring sticks out of pump must be cut back about half the height of step, if that makes any sense. Everything goes back as originally assembled, minus the silicone for sealer.

    Make sure the wear ring is screwed in place like the 2000 and newer models. I am thru with using the stock wear rings. They are junk in my opinion. The inner laminate seperates too easily and too often. I noticed it more common after the wear rings were bolted. Usually when screw is tightened down it distorts enough to separate the inner laminate from fiberglass core. Water pressure will tear ring apart. I have gone with the solid white aftermarket ones available from many sources. No more problems so far. I have changed out a half dozen in the last two weeks already, and dont work on these for a living.

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