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    How many times can a S/C be rebuilt

    I'm on my 3rd rebuild on used S3 charger's and no telling how many times they were rebuilt before I got them (2 with 0 touchdown). I put a new kit in them about every 80 hrs. There is nothing wrong with them they are tight and everything seems perfect. I also have backup S3's if necessary. I was just wondering because of all the heat they generate. Would it affect the wheel after so long or maybe warp the housing? Is there a way to check tolerances from wheel to housing and shim if necessary?

    Also on my pumps. I have over 200 hrs on the original pumps. I just had the pumps off (tweaking the props) and everything is tight and 0 water intrusion (did the wet mod). I have the rebuild kits for both pumps that I bought at about 150hrs but have not installed them because everything is still good. At how many hours would you just go ahead and rebuild them?

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    if the SC still gets the boost up to 10/12 14/ psi whatever your original best pressure was, then safe to assume that rebuilds can be done repeatedly.
    if enough wear happens on the old parts and you start to touchdown, scrape soem of the housing away, then rebuild may fix the shaft bearings etc, but you wont get a good enough seal for max boost.
    i dont know if theres an easy way to measure effective seal or wear tolerances on housing or fanblade...

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