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    Marco island / sanibel island

    Where are some good places to stay with our skis and ride in either Marco or sanibel? Anybody got any suggestions?

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    Lover's Key is suppose to want riders to come back.

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    ya, we were at lovers key (flippers) just last week, the waitress recognized me since i've been there more than a few times and we chatted about the ski fest, she said they lost out on a lot of money but wasn't aware that we moved it because of the poo poo.
    i don't know much about marco but i'll chime in on sanibel/ft myers beach/estero since those are my stomping grounds

    Lovers Key resort is a nice stay,
    also gullwing/pointe estero ( are very nice but no ramp there (but its like 3 miles away) and they have nightime security and stuff.
    the santa maria resort is very nice and they have boat docks, so you can park on the water overnight for like $25.
    or go to and rent a house for a few days... you'd be surprised, summer rates are attractive.

    those three will cover the south end of the beach and if you have decent range, you can still ski to sanibel and back and although marco might be a stretch you can definitely do lovers key to naples and back.... or tow up 15 miles and launch from wiggens pass.

    that should get you started
    if it was me, i'd consider renting a house with a garage, you can keep the ski's safe and tucked away at night.

    most of that riding is beach riding and estero bay, if you enjoy flat water/swamp riding then a tow about 40 minutes north to the peace river/charlotte harbor would be recommended.

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    I May be Going to marco Island for Labor day weekend

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