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    2002 Seadoo GTX 4-TEC problem

    Just bought a 2002 seadoo gtx 4-tec that was sitting for several years winterized. Tank was filled with gas and the guy I bought it from said he put some stabilizer or whatever inside it to preserve the gas. Some info is below

    -Ski had rough starting with the battery but I charged it for a full day and it seemed to start a little better. Sometimes the skie restarts its self after a cold with the first press of start button then a long beep. Starts instantly after the next press
    -Idle RPM is 1750-1800 exact and nearly constant.
    -Top speed is 53-55 on flatwater, 48-52 when hitting wakes, seems slow?
    -At 55MPH I can not get anything higher then 5800 RPM, seems low?
    -Not sure if its because of the year or that I may need a new intake but the ride is extremely rough when I hit wakes, nearly making me fall off
    -Compression is #1-(140psi), #2-(135psi), #3-(140psi), they seem a tad bit low?
    -I bought a feeler gauge to check for impeller/wear ring clearance but it was storming BAD in CT so I wasn't able to check.
    -When I rev out of water, it sorta seems alright until I get 7k+ when I feel like the engine is thumping or almost struggling to hit the 8k rpm. I might be hitting the limiter which is why its doing that...not sure.
    -I heard sizzling near/around/under the waterbox area when I was revving the engine, I hope I didn't burn anything...I didn't have a hose
    -Spark plugs look grey-ish, I read its a color I should strive for. I bought brand new performance spark plugs; they should be in the mail today or tomorrow.
    -Bought new K&N oil filter, should be in the mail soon

    My thoughts...
    Possible clearance gap that exceeds the limit = new wear ring?
    Some type of fuel pressure problem?
    One of the cylinders not sparking? I haven't tried a spark test; should I just stick a plug into the tube and watch for a spark?
    If the compression numbers are low for a 4-stroke, then maybe rings are worn?
    Stuck/bent/damaged valve?
    Bad gas?
    Weak/old spark plugs?
    I can't, for the life of me see the oil line because the oil is so clear, I may of put too much when I first checked it.

    Other thoughts?

    I dont have a siphon pump so I hope nothing gets damaged by just burning off the old gas
    Plugs are gonna be brand new, I will test when they arrive
    Wear ring clearance will be measured this morning

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    Several year old fuel?
    I would go pick up a siphon pump = $10 to get oil where it needs to be then get that shitty fuel out.
    New plugs = $12 use ordered ones for back up...
    Then see where ya stand.

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    Is that a supercharged 185 or non supercharged 130/155?
    if its supercharged the compression is normal.
    if its not supercharged the compression is little low.

    the 185hp supercharged skis have a rev limiter at 7600 or 7800 rpm.

    also might be a good idea to run fuel injector cleaner. its never a great idea to run the old fuel out.
    every season I pump the old fuel out of the ski and dump it in my car.

    Get new fuel and new OEM plugs.

    If you have a gas can then you can pull the fuel line off the fuel rail put the line into a gas can and put the key on and off until the fuel pump pumps all the fuel out into cas cans.

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    Its the 155hp non supercharged. Ive always seen dipsticks on cars where its easy to tell the fluid levels, but its honestly pretty hard to tell where the level is at. Once my filter comes in, i may siphon out all of it and just put the recommended amount. Will high levels rob compression numbers? And is the fuel line from rail trick an alternative to siphon or should i just buy the siphon for tanked gas and rail trick for the stuck gas in the lines?

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