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    2001 900 STS won't go over 36 mph

    Ok so I see a ot of posts on this but not much conclusive advise.
    I actually figured out that the middle cylinder wasn't getting any spark.I thought I was "the man" for a little while anyway.I opened the box that houses the coils and ignitor and cleaned the heck out of all the electrical connections and bam-spark to all 3.Headed out to the lake where she ran like a beast-for 10 minutes and then totally died.Now I have NO spark at all!
    My question is does anyone know where to get shop manuals for a 2001 900 STS?I can't come up with anything on Google.Is there a manual for another model that applies?I want to be able to troubleshoot this correctly before dropping the 400+ on the ignitor.
    I'll check the handlebar kill switch later today but of course that would be too cheap and easy!

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    heres the place for manual, get the factory manual.

    but its prolly the kill sw at the bar, not hard to remove.

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