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    Upgraded fuel system for 1994 Polaris sl 750

    Ok I'm about to replace my stock sl 750 fuel pump with a triple output kit that I'm ordering from John Ziegler. I see a lot of things posted here about taking off the auto cock and Adding a fuel restiricter. I have looked at previous posts along with the Polaris info page that is posted here about it but I just don't fully understand what I need to do and what kind of restricted I have to buy and where it goes and how exactly to finish the job for the autocock removal. I have been emailing John with questions but I don't want to keep bothering him while he's working.. Any info would be appreciated.

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    You should plan on replacing all of your lines as part of this upgrade. When you are done, you will have a fuel line from the sender on the fuel tank, to the Select switch (if equipped), to the fuel/water seperator (if equipped) to the fuel pump, to the carbs. You may also have an inline filter as long as it is an OEM polaris filter installed between the select switch and seperator. The auto cock and fuel pump are blue round components that get pitched.

    The fuel line diagram is here The restrictor goes a few inches after the carbs in the return line. If you are making one, I would get a 1/4" hose barb and a 60 main jet. Drill and tap to install the jet. If you dont have the drill and tap, I can pick up a barb, drill, tap, and mail it to you for a few bucks.......

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    Just an FYI to the Moderators, the Oetiker Fuel Line Clamps link in the knowledge base is broken...


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