Hey Guys and Gals, I have been viewing this site for awhile and luv it. This spring I bought a 05 RXP 215 with 28hrs on it. The previous owner had the SC washers converted over as well as Maintenance completed. Well as soon as the weather got nice, I rushed to the launch. Within a few minutes, Heat Codes. Overheating. Obviously I was like WTF. Took ski home, than hopped on the net and GreenHulk. Sure enough, my J Pipe was jammed with sand and little pebbles from Lake Michigan beaches. I drilled them one size larger, shook the pipe, airtool, water flush, working but still jammed. Drilled to the next size and so on. I got it completely cleaned out and flushed. While running, I can grab the J Pipe and its Icy cold, makes me so happy.

For those who saved me a bunch of money in shop bills, thank you so much.

Thanks again,