Entertaining the thought of selling my pro 785. Its in excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically. I will post pics and HIN tonight when I get home. I will try to list all the mods but will prob forget some
Jettrim seat cover with no slip material
complete UMI steering setup
billet finger throttle
drop nozzle
tornado-volcano whatever you want to call it intake under front storage compartment
blacktip mats
most decals new oem polaris
new rub rails
Hot Seat Head(185psi all 3 cylinders)
Oem head(135? all 3 cylinders-have to recheck-all cylinders are exactly the same compression numbers)
Hot seat rifle bored carbs
V force reeds
Hot seat cdi
Hot seat sponsons
Hotseat ride plate and intake grate
Choice of stainless 6 vein or 12 vein pump included
Polaris racing cover in new condition

This is truely a beautiful and rare ski-took me almost 10 years to find one, I just have so many skis and dont ride it enough. Have a 2nd one I can build if the itch comes back. $2000 without trailer