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    Cool Mistake or Good Move/Choice.

    I am looking to add another ski in garage next to my 05RXP 215. Budget around 4,000. Previously owned a 00RX, liked it alot but don't think I can afford to make the RX where I would want it to be. There are some things I do miss about my 2stroke ski. Quick, nimble, light, maneuverable. I recently passed up the opportunity to own a mint condition 01 RXX. YES, I said RXX. The motor was rebuilt by a guy in Pennsylvania, cam, crank, pistons, carbon reeds, etc. The body and hull of this ski was superb. And I am a very meticulous person, yes OCD. It was MINT. I cannot get my decision off my mind, if I made the right choice. Dam, it is sharp and the thought of a bad-ass 2stroke is right up my alley. I am fairly mechanically inclined. Do all my own PM on my vehicles. Rebuilt a few small motors in my past. Would feel comfortable opening up a motor or pulling a motor. At the same time, I was worried about wasting my money and sweating my ass off all summer in the garage VS being on the water. Also read hundreds of forums and talked to the local Seadoo Mechanic. I keep comparing all the other 2stroke skis for sale in my price range to this one RXX. Did I make a mistake, should I have bought it and if she breaks, fix her.

    Below are the skis I am considering. Again, this is to compliment my RXP, not replace it, or attempt to duplicate it. The Kawasaki STX-R is not on the list only because my Girl owns one already. Her ski runs great but this winter going to do some PM to it. Also Gotta figure out how to keep her ski from going airborne so much and attached to the water better. But that's for a later post.

    The three skis I am interested in are the: RXX, GP1200R/GP1300R, Ultra 150.

    -Seadoo RXX- sharp look and that push the throttle quickness. There is a what IF factor for everything in life but I just don't know if this one is worth the possible headache. Is this thing going to blow up today. But up until it blows, this thing rocks your ass, gets the heart pumping, and looks fantastic.

    -Yamaha GPRs- Always hear great things about the hulls in lake or river chop. Sharp skis. Yamaha reliability. Would defiantly have the Dplate and Clips. Stainless prop and wear ring. The condition and how it was maintained is much more important to me. -- Yes, we can tell it was not garage kept, don't try and say it was.

    -Kawasaki Ultra 150- Quick and Reliable. Thinking I would have to do some things with Handling features.

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    I've owned them all and am very happy with my choice of Sea doo rxp-x (mine) RXT-X for my wife... Great hole shot and 70 mph top end when I want it... Just went on a long 100 mile trip and the gas milage was great at 50 mph...

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